Hotel - Restaurant Le Saint Victor
Quartier Les Blaches - 26110 Mirabel aux Baronnies - 04 75 27 17 76 / 06 82 73 36 60


The Saint Victor Restaurant is established in the heart of Provincial Drôme, in HautesBlaches, on the road to Nyons and Vaison La Romaine. This restaurant is located in a former Priory, which was founded in the 9th century by the monks of Marseille’s Saint Victor’ Abbey. This is where the Restaurant got its name from.

The Saint Victor Restaurant is located in an exceptional environment between Nyons and Mirabel aux Baronnies and is providing you a panoramic view on vineyards and olive trees. You will also enjoy a swimming pool and a private car park, a vaulted room built from the vestiges of the old Saint Victor’s Priory, another air-conditioned room and comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms. These bedrooms are prettily decorated and are all including bathrooms with showers, restrooms and lots of lounge spaces.

The Saint Victor Restaurant is closer to Nyons, Mirabel aux Baronnies, Vaison la Romaine and Mont Ventoux and will provide you a high quality Provençal and Moroccan food. We will reserve a warm welcome for all our guests. Furthermore, every Saturday night, you will have the opportunity to attend a unique dance show in the whole region.